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South Asian Identity 

Culturally-sensitive, multicultural, virtual therapy for our South Asian clients - adolescents, adults, and women.

You often feel like you are stuck between two or more different worlds or you find yourself drained from fighting conflicting values and expectations. You dance between these worlds, often being made to feel culturally inadequate or lacking in some way. It’s exhausting trying to fit in! It can be a struggle to truly feel comfortable with your own identity and feel a sense of belonging. We can help you to find validation in your experience and celebrate your strengths and uniqueness while providing you with a sense of community and support that you need to thrive.
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Navigating cultural and identity issues 

  • We have therapists who understand the struggles and stress immigrant and first-generation individuals face in life, in community, family, relationships, school, and at work.


  • In addition, our unique cultures, norms, and history can significantly impact our journey to healing and health.

  • Perhaps you are challenged with unrealistic expectations from your partner or the family, or perhaps you find yourself wanting to grow in ways that are unfamiliar and intimidating. We are here to help.

Common symptoms:

  • Anger

  • Depression or Isolation

  • Anxiety, overwhelm, or high-functioning anxiety

  • Shame

  • Guilt

  • Low self-esteem or feelings of “not good enough”

  • Imposter Syndrome

  • Perfectionism

  • Confusion, feeling lost, or disconnected

  • Poor boundaries

  • Poor communication skills

  • Lack of support 

  • Lack of community leading to feelings of isolation.

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Young Businesswoman

How culturally-sensitive and compassionate therapy can help you as a South Asian

  • We can work together to help you through these hard times and personal struggles.

  • Therapy is a great space to feel safe to start self-exploration with support and guidance.

  • Our therapists can help you reconnect to your own inner beauty, grace, and power but also provide you with the tools to keep your light shining bright so you can feel empowered in life.

  • You can feel whole and comfortable in your own skin and live a fulfilling and authentic life.

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