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Grief & Loss Counseling

We understand that navigating through grief and loss can be one of life's most difficult challenges. Our specialized grief and loss counseling services are designed to provide compassionate support and guidance to individuals and families during times of profound sorrow. Our licensed therapists offer a safe and nurturing environment where clients can explore their emotions, process their grief, and learn coping strategies to navigate through their loss. Whether you're experiencing the loss of a loved one, a significant life change, or any other form of grief, our dedicated team is here to help you heal and find hope once again.

Not something easily that's overcome!

  • You are lying in bed, feeling as if tomorrow will never come.

  • ​Perhaps, you are having difficulty imagining how you will get out of this moment.​

  • This is painful agony, wondering how you will ever continue without them.​

  • You tell yourself that this pain is just in your head, but somehow you feel that deep hollow punch-in-the-gut sensation of emptiness.

Image by Francisco  Moreno
Image by Claudia Wolff

Memories extend the pain of loss

  • It’s your body’s normal reaction to loss.

  • People tell you in time you will get this through this; however, it’s hard to think about the future when every minute is so excruciatingly painful.

  • When every moment reminds you of a memory. That’s grief!

Grief has many causes

  • It may result from the death of a loved one or a beloved pet.

  • Divorce or breaking-up of a significant relationship is hard to overcome.

  • An unexpected decline in or loss of health, a miscarriage, or stillbirth are major events in life’s many transitions.

  • Job termination, financial instability, and retirement present challenges that sometimes seem insurmountable.

  • Loss of friendship, recovering from a trauma, or a cherished dream all bring their own forms of grief.

  • Children moving away or leaving home often creates a new normal for parents and can take some getting used to. 

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Support Group Circle

No reason to let grief overwhelm our life

  • As counselors, our goal is to provide support while assisting you discover healthy tools and skills as you work through your grief.​

  • ​While working together, you will find a safe and comforting space to be free and honest about your loss.

  • Everyone grieves in their way, and you can’t compare your process to another. At times it may feel like a roller coaster, and each new day may bring a challenge to moving forward.

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